For Parents

The Children’s Smile Center wants to provide their patients with the best services possible which includes helping you with any questions or concerns you may have. In this section you will find helpful links and information on how to assist your child with their oral health needs as well as address questions you may have.

New Patient Documents

Can I come back into the examination area during my child’s visit?

We encourage you to come back with your child during their initial visit, so that you may meet the staff and put both yourself and your child at ease.

After the first visit, however, we request that parents/guardians remain in the waiting area.  Children generally respond better to the staff without a parental presence and it demonstrates that you have trust in our services; therefore, there is no reason for your child to be anxious. Staff will be out to speak with you regarding all of your child’s dental services provided, as well as, any necessary treatments for the future.

The Children’s Smile Center’s staff encourages this independence and appreciates your understanding.